63 - Your Questions Answered

Parts Department

Jul 25 2023 • 40 mins

Hosts Jem and Justin tackle your burning queries in this lively AMA episode! They discuss investment in custom work, frame depth cutting dilemmas, debris broom sales, and responsible client-off turning. Hobbyist table saws and creative processes aren't left out either.

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  • Mike - Exclusive Source?
  • Pulpo Build UK - Investment into Custom Work
  • Eric - Clear Irons - Hiring / Custom vs Products
  • Alex - Adjective Frames - Max depth of cut at bit diameter? Or full send and hope for the best? Or full send with cleanup pass?
  • Debris Brooms - Goal just product sales? How do you turn off client work responsibly?
  • "Someone is always willing to go out faster"
  • HelloBobby Lee? - What hobbyist table saw?
  • WedgeEdge - Creative Process


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Jem Freeman

Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia

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Justin Brouillette

Portland, Oregon, USA



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