97 - Beefs Entendre

Parts Department

May 14 2024 • 43 mins

Jem and Justin weigh in on the Drake vs Kendrick's rap beef and start their own beef with Fusion's Nesting Extension. They explore using Rhino with Python, tackle an overwhelming number of tasks, and manage browser tab overload. They also cover ongoing Instagram updates, resolve engraving issues, and tease exciting plans for the 100th episode!

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  • Aubrey vs Duckworth (Drake vs Kendrick)
  • Fusion Nesting Extension < Mapboards
  • Fusion Nifty Corners!
  • Suggest Classic Episodes
  • Favorites / Styles Flodesk
  • Llama 3 Advertiser
  • Offline super quick
  • Testing it with Rhino .py
  • Too many todos
  • Chasing browser tabs
  • Dunny phone 2 factor shit test failcakes
  • Insta Still going
  • Engraving Issues
  • Secret Show plannings - yas
  • 100 ep plan?


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Jem Freeman

Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia

Like Butter | Instagram | More Links

Justin Brouillette

Portland, Oregon, USA

PDX CNC | Instagram | More Links