90 - Pi, Let's Role Play

Parts Department

Mar 26 2024 • 54 mins

Justin gets some time for "deep work." with Jem & Justin as they explore unique productivity hacks, from Pi Role Play to ditching time tracking. Plus, CNC router tips, savvy quoting strategies, and progress on managing finances with Profit First.

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  • Deep Work time
  • Pi Role Play
  • "Stop Yapping" - GPT
  • LB – New Beds
  • Simple Bundles
  • #73 - Subreddit Comment - 4 spindles
  • Turn off time tracking
  • Marc D – What kind of CNC router work do you avoid now? Anything that needs lots of sanding is hard to $ for us.
  • Mike N – Thoughts on sending itemized quotes or lump sum (ways to reduce sticker shock)
  • Quotient
  • Screen Capture Videos in quotes
  • Notion rollout command K, killing my darling WorkFlowy, crashing Notion
  • Maintenance Trail

Profit First Playlist

  • Making more frugal purchasing decisions
  • New debit cards
  • Offset accounts in US?
  • Jumping straight to full tap percentages
  • No hidden bank accounts
  • Shifting bill payments to 10/25?


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