Explorations in Consciousness with Dr. Joe

Joe Mancini, Jr., Ph.D., CCHt., LBLt., PLt., CRT

To access inner resources to create the most productive, loving and joyful life, each of us needs to awaken, to explore in depth who each of us really is. Doing so involves knowing oneself as an aspect of the Divine, realizing all the richness of one’s multi-dimensional self, consciously and joyously claiming one’s role as co-creator of reality with All That Is, clearly understanding the role of beliefs in creating ones reality, and developing empathy and love for one’s humanity and that of others. Aided by the concepts voiced by Jane Roberts’ Seth, Explorations in Consciousness with Dr, Joe fosters this awakening to the whole self. In this series, we focus on what past lives can tell us about who we really are. With our expert guests and your participation, we examine several topics, such as the true nature of past lives, soul missions and karma, the multi-dimensional self, reincarnating soul groups, how to change past lives and soul contracts, and much more. Join us.

Past Lives and the Seth Material, Part 2: An Interview with Lawrence DavidsonResearch on the Positive Effects of Past Life Regression: An Interview With Heather S. Friedman RiveraPast Lives and Life Between Lives: An Interview with Dee ChipsEdgar Cayce and Past Lives in Atlantis: An Interview with Nancy EubelPast Life Regression to Capture Lost History: An Interview with Joanna Prentis and Stuart WilsonPast Lives and Natal Regression: An Interview with Tim Simmerman SierraPast Life Regression for Intact Groups: An Interview with Janet CunninghamPast Lives and Soul Contracts: An Interview with Linda BakerPast Life Regression and Shamanism: An Interview with Dana Robinson and Shana RobinsonPast Lives and Attached Entities: An Interview with Greg McHughChildren’s Past Lives: An Interview with Carol BowmanThe Nature of Past Life Regression and Participants’ StoriesPast Lives and the Seth Material, Part 1: An Interview with Rich Kendall