Conversations on Health Care

Community Health Center, Inc.

Conversations On Health Care features in-depth discussions on health policy and innovation with industry newsmakers from around the globe. The podcast is produced by Community Health Center, Inc., Connecticut’s largest provider of medical, dental and behavioral healthcare to the underserved, and hosted by Founder, President and CEO Mark Masselli and Vice President and Clinical Director Margaret Flinter.
A Candid Conversation with CDC Director Rochelle Walensky on Politics of the Office, Masking Guidelines, COVID Testing and Pandemic FrustrationNew Pandemic Strategy Needed: Dr. Zeke Emanuel & Former Biden COVID Team Members Calling For New ApproachPediatrician Dr. Peter Hotez Creates New Vaccine: Gives Advice for Families With Young Children Staying Safe During SurgeWhat a Year! A Look Back At COVID’s Grip on 2021Omicron Could Be as Deadly as Delta, Boosters’ Short Protection &‘Dangerous’ Oral COVID Pill from Merck: A Talk With William HaseltineRobert Gallo, Scientist Who Co-Discovered HIV Offers Guidance to Patients as Omicron Increases“Not the Doomsday Variant”: Dr. Eric Topol’s Concerns Around Omicron and America’s Low Fully Vaccinated RateHealth News This Week: Omicron Makes Gains Around the World as U.S. Supreme Court Justices Hear Mississippi Abortion CaseUN Climate Summit Fell Short, But Gary Cohen Says President Biden’s Build Back Better Act Holds Great PromiseRocketing with Captain Kirk To A New Frontier: Astronaut Glen de Vries on New Era of Innovation In Space Travel and Health CareLies and Misinformation Led to Hundreds of Thousands of US Deaths: Yale’s Dr. Nicholas Christakis on Enduring Impact of COVID-19“Roe Hanging On By A Thread”: Planned Parenthood President Alexis McGill Johnson on Imminent Threat To Reproductive RightsMandates ‘Turbocharging’ Vaccination Rates: US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy on Vaccine Requirements, Boosters and Vaccinating Kids“Safety Comes First”: FDA Vaccine Advisory Panel’s Dr. Ofer Levy on Rigorous Process Around Vaccine Approval For KidsWhy COVID Crushed Us: Former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb Details America’s Botched Pandemic ResponseUS COVID Response Has Failed By Not Scaling Up Home Testing: Harvard’s Michael Mina on Rapid Tests as Best Chance to Contain Outbreaks“We Won’t Get Another Chance” Climate Activist Bill McKibben on Urgency of Climate Action in Biden Administration’s Reconciliation Bill“Culture Wars Are Killing People”: NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins on Politics and Harm to Pandemic Science“We Are On Fire”: Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear on Pandemic Surge Pushing Hospital Capacity to Brink by the UnvaccinatedMasks, Mental Health and Missed Appointments: AAP President Lee Beers on Pandemic’s Impact on Childhood Health