Ep. 122: Meet the Founder: Fiona Co Chan on creating viral beauty brand Youthforia

BeautyMe with Charisse Kenion

May 6 2022 • 27 mins

This week it’s a new Meet the Founder episode, and if you don’t already know, Meet the Founder always takes place first on Instagram Live. As such you will discover that the editing is minimal, but my guest’s advice makes it all worth it.

April 2021 wouldn't be the most obvious time to start a new beauty business, but for San Francisco born and bred Fiona Co Chan, it made total sense. With a background in tech, Fiona decided that she would use social media, particularly TikTok, to promote Youthforia, a brand that has become known as fun, colourful and innovative. And TikTok is the place that really got the beauty industry fired up about her hero product, BYO Blush Colour Changing Blush Oil, a blush that changes colour based on your individual skin pH. In this episode Fiona shares how she started out by doing everything herself, from looking at formulas and design to creating content, something she’d never done before.

She also opens up about the challenges that came with building a brand and shares that the entire experience has been a real test of her resilience and  has taught her about her own mental health journey. Be sure to check out Youthforia on Instagram @getyouthforia and tag me when you're listening on Instagram @beautymepodcast. If you want to see us Live and in the flesh, you'll find our chat in the Meet the Founder series on my Instagram page.

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