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208 - Tara Wear of Powerful Connections Now: How To Lead With Your Truth and Authentic Self
Jun 15 2023
208 - Tara Wear of Powerful Connections Now: How To Lead With Your Truth and Authentic Self
Nick Hughes is joined by Tara Wear who is founder, owner and coach of Powerful Connections Now from Spokane, WA. Tara equips leaders, teams and organizations with the tools needed to excel in today's most difficult climates both inside and out of work. She is a transformative coach, trainer and facilitator who provides practical and actionable content and skill development that empowers business professionals to be their best.The episode starts with Tara  sharing her background and journey into entrepreneurship. We hear why entrepreneurship? Why start something on her own? It's an interesting question and we always enjoy the guests unique answers Then we hear about Tara's experience pitching at Founders Live Spokane - she was the winner! She shares how she discovered the event and why she decided to take the leap.  Moving along they talk about why Tara started her company Powerful Connections Now - what problem did she see in the world? Why Leadership? Tara and her company are all about understanding ineffective communication and how it negatively affects companies large and small. Tara shares more about Thrive Circles and how she pivoted and evolved her business starting in the pandemic and now going forward. Lastly, we hear advice for women and leaders around balancing the dynamics of leadership and growth of the business. This is an great interview with an exciting leader from Washington State, we hope it helps you today.