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S1:E11 - Kroll's Alan Brill and John Bennett: Why is Secure by Design so Hard in the Real World
Mar 16 2023
S1:E11 - Kroll's Alan Brill and John Bennett: Why is Secure by Design so Hard in the Real World
In today’s episode, I’m speaking with Alan Brill, Senior Managing Director in Kroll’s Cyber Risk Practice and an adjunct professor at Texas A&M School of Law. Alan was also part of the coding team that sent Apollo 11 astronauts to the moon. Also on the call is John Bennett, Global Head of Government Affairs in Kroll’s Cyber Risk Practice, and a former Assistant Director of the FBI. Today we’re going to be talking about why creating software that is secure by design, a relatively straightforward idea, can be so hard to achieve in the real world. Some of the topics we touch on in this episode include why business and competitive pressures can make it hard for management to prioritize cyber security. We explore what needs to change so that everyone in the software development life cycle -- from developers to the board -- understands that secure code is just as important as the features and functionalities they are trying to bring to Market We also touch on the need for standardizing software bills of materials and how they can be used to ensure the software that is being produced is meeting a minimum set of standards for security and transparency. LinkedIn pages: Alan Brill John Bennett Company website: Link to Allen’s website: If you would like a shareable edited transcript of this episode, please contact Allen Bernard at