5 Ways You're Losing Opportunities at Networking Events

LIVE WITHOUT LIMITS: Dreams Come True with the Right Mindset

Jul 8 2017 • 28 mins

simply attending the event won’t bring much value to you—you need to talk with people, ask questions, and be prepared. If you aren’t doing these things, you’re losing out on opportunities that could otherwise propel you further into your career. How to fix this: Start by asking the person questions, first and foremost. Share the details about your greatest accomplishments and wins for later in the conversation. You don't give other business owners or professionals referrals.You make networking all about you. When you greet new people at a networking event, the biggest turn-off is having an attitude that you’re more important than the other people there. This attitude can come across in a variety of ways, and you may not even realize you’re acting as such. Ask yourself:  You show up to events unprepared. Being prepared, mentally and physically, for a networking event takes a little work. You want to look nice, have all the necessary materials, and be ready to talk about yourself and your business succinctly and effectively.  People who should listen to this show are entrepreneurs