Welcome to Cultivate Calm

Cultivate Calm

Sep 27 2023 • 2 mins

Welcome to the Cultivate Calm podcast. I'm your host, Monica Rotman, and the founder of Cultivate Calm Yoga. This podcast will weave together ancient wisdom with modern science to share the best tools and techniques to cultivate calm in your life.

Armed with a degree in behavioural science and a decade of running a thriving yoga studio, I'm here to share my wealth of knowledge on the science of stress, the art of relaxation, yoga philosophy, breathing, and meditation, all with a hint of personal development.

Yoga transformed my life from being a stressed out IT professional to a calm and relaxed yoga teacher and throughout this podcast, I’ll be sharing my own journey and stories of my yoga clients.

My philosophy is that busyness is overrated, stress makes us stupid, and anxious living is a recipe for burnout. In this podcast, we won't just scratch the surface of relaxation techniques; we'll dive deep into the impact of stress on our minds and bodies and how to think better, feel better and live better. I'll explain why nervous system health is at the heart of our yoga classes and our overall well-being.

If you’re in need of some inspiration and motivation to help you take back control of your life and find calm in the chaos, look no further. I’m so excited to share this journey with you.