Ep. 21 Reclaiming Joy in the Face of Fear, Assumptions, and a Nasty Little Attitude Called Contempt

Embodied Holiness

Sep 13 2022 • 34 mins

Welcome to Season 2 of the Embodied Holiness Podcast! Today begins a three-part series as we explore Susan's book Reclaiming Joy - Living in the Transforming Power of Reconciliation and Forgiveness. In this episode, we look at three things that are sure to prevent joy from flourishing in our lives: fear, assumption-making, and contempt.

We encourage you to get the book (see link below) and use these episodes to enhance your personal or small group study.

About Reclaiming Joy:

Do you feel stuck in a place that is stealing your joy? This study of Genesis 26 will help you explore where you might be stuck. It will ask you to address some common attitudes, habits, and behaviors that are preventing you from living the life of joy God desires for you. After taking this journey you will:

  • understand how ineffective and damaging fear is in your life
  • recognize where you might be making assumptions about others
  • discern whether you may need to exit a toxic relationship or environment
  • be equipped to express kindness and love to difficult people
  • be positioned to forgive those who have hurt you.

Reclaiming Joy - Living in the Transforming Power of Reconciliation and Forgiveness, by Rev. Susan Eaton

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