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Jan 27 2024
271 Days Of Hell for BABY JEONG -IN IN SOUTH KOREA was born on June 10, 2019, at full-term and as a healthy baby weighed 3.43 kg (7 lbs 9oz). Her birth mother was incapable of taking care of her and therefore gave her up to a church when Jeong-In was just 8 days old. Jeong-In then spent 8 months in a foster home until she was adopted. According to her foster mom, Jeong-In was a very happy and cheerful baby who loved music and always smiled. DEATH EADIT On October 12, 2020, Jeong-In was sent to day-care in bad condition. According to the daycare teachers, she couldn't walk, stand, drink nor eat all day. Her belly seemed swollen and big but she didn't fuss nor cry at all. Her diaper was also dry for hours without any urine passing. The teachers called her adoptive mother and she came to check Jeong-In's condition for a few minutes but then left saying there was nothing to worry about. However, Jeong-In was not OK, she had no energy and seemed very weak. After being so dehydrated, she finally took a few sips of milk that the teacher tried to feed her, but she immediately panted after drinking the liquid and her whole body began to shiver. When her adoptive father picked her up in the afternoon, the teacher expressed her concern about Jeong-In's health and how she didn't walk all day; at that moment, her adoptive father forced Jeong-In to take a few steps towards him, trying to prove that she was fine. The teachers asked the adoptive father to take Jeong-In to the hospital immediately, but he decided not to. The next day on October 13, 2020, Jeong-In's adoptive mother recorded with her phone to force Jeong-In to walk between 8:46 am and 9:01 am. In the video, Jeong-In seemed to be in huge pain, constantly crying, but her adoptive mother was yelling loudly and screaming at Jeong-In demanding that she walk. At around 9:40 am the neighbors downstairs heard some extremely loud noises from above as if dumbbells were falling on the ground about 4-5 times. The neighbor went upstairs to check if everything was fine, but only Jang answered the door while her biological daughter peeked out. Jang apologized for the noise and said everything was OK. Then Jang called the daycare stating that Jeong-In would be absent from day-care on that day. Around 10:19 am, the adoptive mother took her biological daughter to the daycare and then to a lingerie store on the way home. In the surveillance footage, Jeong-In was not with her adoptive mother and so she was alone at home again. Once returning home, Jang finally called a taxi to bring Jeong-In to the hospital. The taxi driver saw that Jeong-In was turning blue and unconscious so he asked Jang to call the ambulance instead but she refused. After several rounds of cardiac arrest and resuscitation in the ER, Jeong-In died on October 13, 2020, at the age of 16 months old. While Jeong-In was fighting for her life in the ER, her adoptive mother was perusing online shopping malls and looking for a fish cake to buy outside of the ER room.