SHOP TALK E1: Daimon Price & Nathan Woltering

Horror Shop Radio

May 19 2022 • 41 mins

Introducing SHOP TALK!

A new Companion show to Horror Shop Radio, featuring guest interviews and Behind The Scenes discussions about the production of HSR!

This episode features Special Guests Daimon Price and Nathan Woltering.

Daimon Price is an Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter, Composer, Filmmaker, and Writer. Daimon composed the Score for several episodes of Horror Shop Radio, and wrote the original story featured in Season 1, "In Search of Succubus."

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Stay tuned to the end to hear Daimon's new single "Entity" featuring  Chelsea Lynn Meyer

Nathan Woltering is a Voice Actor who has appeared in several episodes of Horror Shop Radio including "Rabbit Hole", "Shopkeeper Presents...The Conjurer", and "In Search of Succubus", where he played the lead role of Gabe. Nathan will be returning to Season 2 of HSR to reprise the character of Gabe in the central Narrative Story.

The Horror Shop Radio Theme Music was Composed by Steve Vil of the band Elektrikill.

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