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Succession S3E6 Discussion: 'What It Takes'
Nov 23 2021
Succession S3E6 Discussion: 'What It Takes'
Downtime With Hajer 019.Welcome Back to another episode of Downtime with Hajer ! Today I have my  special guest returning to discuss the 6th episode of Succession season 3 and what we think if the season so far. Adel and I discuss the events of the political conference. We talk about Tom's bleak future, Shiv's divided loyalties, Roman's alliance with fascism and Kendall's impending meltdown  I really hope you enjoy our discussion! As usual you can interact with me on socials !Articles referred to in the episode:Trauma responses: consultants:  Peterson- Zizek Debate: Twitter: @downtimewithHZ Intro music by Sparks Beats on Soundcloud: music by Gabriel Dedji on instagram @gabrieldedji Episode is LivePublished: Nov. 16, 2021 @ 9AM EditUnpublishAdd a TranscriptGet episode better indexed by search engines.Add Chapter MarkersListeners can tap through & see what’s coming up.Create a Visual SoundbiteBest way to share to social media for engagement.Share Episode On FacebookTwitterLinkedInMore OptionsEmail Link to EpisodeDirect Link to MP3Embed this ONE EpisodeView Episode Stats