#31 Will Safford and Maurizio Tangari - HDP

The Human Derek Podcast

Sep 28 2022 • 1 hr 58 mins

Will Safford of BJJ Fanatics and Strong and Fit joins us with Maurizio Tangari the inventor of Hydrocore and Hydra and together they are teaming up on Human Fit. We discuss longevity, recovery, laughs, and we say the word naked quite often. We also discuss their upcoming health and fitness retreat and event in Vieste, Italy may 2023, ADCC 2022, jiu jitsu, aging, food outside of the United States and a host of other great topics. Shout out to Phillip Da Fighter in Florida! :) You can find Will Safford on Instagram @willsaffordbjj , Maurizio @unconventional.republic and their website www.strongandfit.com but you can always reach them via Instagram too.

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