11 Days of Global Unity and the International Day of Peace

The Convergence

Sep 6 2019 • 2 hrs 20 mins

Deepak Chopra and United Nations dignitaries headline this Special on The 11 Days of Global Unity and The International Day of Peace, spotlighting the Sept.Oct. United Nations and global event season. Dr. Chopra discusses his new book Metahuman, and its relation to the human potential themes of the Global Unity celebrations, with Claudia Welss of The Institute of Noetic Sciences. Heather Shea outlines Dr. Chopras Oct. 2 event at NYCs United Palace. Co host Rick Ulfik, founder of 11 Days of Global Unity and WE.net is joined by the UNs Ambassador A.K. Chowdhury, Rev. Sylvia Sumter, Monica Willard, Brandon Perdomo and other guests from the US and Europe. Ben Bowler and Adam Collett of UNITY EARTH then connect these exciting 2019 events to upcoming India, Holy Land, and 2020 US and European events highlighting The Road to 2020 and the Caravan of Unity. This and our Aug. 9 VoiceAmerica Special outline the upcoming exciting 2019 2020 event panorama with details on all events. Join us