Our Moment of Choice: Atlas Shrugged or Atlas Hugged? Part 1

The Convergence

Mar 26 2021 • 2 hrs 1 min

These VoiceAmerica Specials, 1 & 2, feature major global Thought Leaders discussing OUR MOMENT OF CHOICE: ATLAS SHRUGGED OR ATLAS HUGGED?, the historic choice between the iconic Ayn Rand message of radical individualism, selfishness, tribalism and competition in ATLAS SHRUGGED and that of synergy and cooperation visioned in ATLAS HUGGED, a novel by celebrated evolutionary biologist Dr. David Sloan Wilson. Guests include (1) David Sloan Wilson, David Korten (THE GREAT TURNING), Mark Gerzon and Ben Rehki (the major film THE REUNITED STATES OF AMERICA), (2) Duane Elgin (CHOOSING EARTH), Jude Currivan (WHOLE WORLD-VIEW), Terry Patten (NEW REPUBLIC OF THE HEART), Anne-Marie Voorhoeve (THE HAGUE CENTER), and story-experts Lynnaea Lumbard & Teana David with the editors of OUR MOMENT OF CHOICE, Robert Atkinson, Kurt Johnson, Deborah Moldow, an AMAZON #1 book, on EVOLUTIONARY VISIONS AND HOPE FOR THE FUTURE. See atlashugged.world, prosocial.world, reunitedstates.tv, and ourmomentofchoice.com