Eco-Somatics, Sensuality, Pleasure & Play: Exploring the Water Element with Elizabeth Betwixt (Ep. 5 of 6)

A Lone Traveler's Guide to the Divine

Feb 5 2023 • 49 mins

In this episode

This is the fifth episode in a series of six where I am exploring how to cultivate alignment through each of the five elements.

In this episode I invited Elizabeth Betwixt, a Women’s Sexuality and Pelvic Care Specialist, a BirthKeeper and Somatic Movement Therapist & Teacher, onto the show to discus how we can work with and balance our water element. Elizabeth and I explore:

  • Various ways the water element expresses through our second (sacral) chakra and how to balance them
  • How important it is for all people (especially women) to connect more to their sensuality, sexuality, creativity and PLEASURE
  • Eco-somatics and the many ways our bodies (and our physical issues) are reflected in the earth and vice versa
  • How stagnation in the second chakra can lead to all kinds of dis-ease such as fibroids, fertility issues, pain during sex or menses, relational issues, creativity blocks (and other un-pleasurable things).
  • How listening and trusting the wisdom of our tissues can unwind old traumas and restore our physical vitality and so much more!

About Elizabeth Betwixt

Elizabeth Betwixt guides women in the EcoSomatic Arts of Healing, Pleasure, Fertility, Birth, Ritual, and Movement. She is a lifelong student of pelvicology and the esoteric and physiologic nature of feminine lifeforce. She offers sessions and programs in her local community in Boulder, CO and on Zoom, such as Wild Womb : Wise Yoni bodywork sessions, Women's Sexual Soul Health groups, and Birth Prep and Postpartum Healing work for women and families.

Elizabeth Betwixt

Pleasure :: Fertility :: Birth :: Movement

WiseWomen Pelvic Care

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Songs used in this episode:

Music from #Uppbeat

Alone/All One theme song written and performed by Amanda Lux

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