Heart Centered Practices for Living Your Fullest, Most Vivid and Precious Life with Ruby Roebuck(Ep. 3 of 6)

A Lone Traveler's Guide to the Divine

Jan 6 2023 • 57 mins

In this episode:

This is the third episode in a series of six, where I am sharing stories, anecdotes, exercises and valuable tips on how to align your energy via the five elements which relate to the chakra system within Polarity Therapy. As this episode is focused on the air element or heart chakra, I am sharing a deeply heartfelt, vulnerable, and undoubtedly heart-warming conversation with myself and my daughter Ruby Roebuck.

Ruby is a 20 year old college student wise beyond their years, and an incredibly empathetic human being. Their studies in embodiment, social justice, outdoor education, and climate action have led them to a myriad of heart centered practices. Ruby's eloquent share is full of generosity, humility, and a spiritual maturity that may just bring you, the listener, straight into your own heart alignment.

In this episode Ruby and I discuss:

  • The dangerous and painful emotions that can keep us from wanting to tune in to the heart and how to create safe space to do so
  • Rubys relationship to listening to their heart and how to move the immense grief that is there around climate change and social justice
  • How playing piano (even if you don't know how), spending time in nature, crying freely, and being childlike, playful, and embodied can help us to align our energy through the heart
  • Heart centered practices and perspectives to help cultivate discernment, connection, and how doing so leads us to the fullest most vivid and precious life we could ever live.

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