Fear, Courage, and Grounding with the Earth Element (Ep. 6 the FINAL episode in the Soul-Care Series)

A Lone Traveler's Guide to the Divine

May 19 2023 • 33 mins

(Ep. 6 the FINAL episode in the Soul-Care Series)

The earth element can help us to ground our energy, face our fears as we cultivate courage (which can be supportive when dealing with nightmares as well as difficulties in our waking life). The earth element can also be helpful for bringing energetic resolution to the traumas- both big and small that have taken up residency within our bodies.

In this episode you will:

  • Learn how the earth element relates to fear and courage- and how to harness the grounding, balancing powers of the earth in order to face scary things in life
  • Learn about the astrological and physiological correlations or the energy triad of earth and how to recognize when this element is in or out of balance in your body
  • Experience a poem I wrote on facing fear called "when the hunted becomes the hunter"
  • Enjoy a simple but powerful visualization for connecting to the earth
  • Learn how to work with nightmares along with my favorite tip for re-entering them safely (which also applies to facing our fears in our waking life as well).

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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Welcome dreamers, seekers, empaths, and healers! My name is Amanda Lux of the Elevation Hive school and community membership for energy medicine and dreamwork. In this podcast, I share teachings, musings, poems, songs, and interviews with other amazing humans who walk the healer's path.

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Light wind: by https://lesfm.net/

Alone/All One theme song written and performed by Amanda Lux