Koap Bitesized

Steve Gore

An informal look at the human condition, with people who are fascinated by psychology, neuroscience and all things curious about people

You would think we would know better by now... "you dumb ass..."!A conversation with Kalin Radev "Supporting Financial Inclusion" and  beyond!Barbrah Naserian Kimong'o the "Maasai Warrior Queen"Meet my Mentor!The tables are turned... for once its my story!An artist inspires!Transitions...A leap of Faith...An Interview with the Author Tom Beakbane about his new book "How to Understand Everything. Consilience: A new Way to See the World"Are organisations sacrificing adult learning for the sake of online learning and the economy of self-directed learning?A conversation with the Behaviour AnalystThe Happiness Consultant"I just want to be accepted for being myself..""The Emperor’s New Clothes” or are your team telling you the truth?A personal conversation to help me understand my "white privilege!"Ideas for helping organisations understand "Inclusion"Covid, Organisational Design and Inclusivity in the workplace.Using Micro Expressions in Private Investigation and The Office"Suck It Up Buttercup"The Future of Marketing in a Post Covid World