Business Tech and Implemenation to Streamline, Automate and Systematize Your Business

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Nov 23 2021 • 47 mins

Listen as we talk about tech stacks, what they are, and how they help you streamline, automate, and systematize your business to get more off your plate to grow your business and have more time for the lifestyle you want to have.

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Sophie Zollmann is your business’s new best friend. She's a Certified Online Business Manager, Social Media Manager and Customer Acquisition Specialist and she's been providing next level business support services to coaches, consultants, and visionary entrepreneurs for over 20 years. She is devoted to helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. When she started her business, she was lucky to have some incredible mentors along the way. Now she's paying it forward by sharing what she's learned and giving business owners the support they need to reach the next level.

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