How to Use Google Ads Effectively

Biz Help For You

Oct 5 2021 • 41 mins

Do you feel like you have exhausted every resource to attract new clients? Are you unable to get the visibility you have been dreaming of? Join us as we discuss with Cory Freitas why certain factors may make Google Ads not as successful as you hoped, how to get more out of your account, and common mistakes business owners make when using this marketing method. #ABandP #BizHelpForYou

Giving small and medium sized organizations “large company” marketing and social media services is what Cory Freitas is most skilled at doing. With a background in marketing, project management, and data analysis, Cory excels at empowering DigiWEI clients by teaching them how to rank on the first page of Google, keyword research, back-linking, and how to maximize their social media presence. “In the world of digital media, it’s important that our clients understand how DigiWEI is helping them to reach customers, and grow their business. Successful SEO isn’t about rankings, it’s about connecting people to the products and services they’re looking for…and it’s about helping businesses grow.”

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