Productive Responses to Business Concerns

Biz Help For You

Sep 28 2021 • 39 mins

Join us as we discuss with Tish Squillaro how executives can understand not only the challenges they are facing, but help them understand their team better as well. HeadTrash refers to thought patterns and emotional tendencies that hinder your ability to respond to business issues in a productive and professional way. It's any pattern of self-defeating feelings and thoughts that leads you into trouble and keeps you stuck there. #ABandP #BizHelpForYou
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Tish is the Founder and CEO of CANDOR. Since 2007, CANDOR has partnered with organizations around the world from early-stage growth companies to global Fortune 500s of various industries ranging from Tech to Media. Her most recent clients include AT&T, AppNexus, Datorama, Salesforce, Teva and IBM. Tish empowers leaders and teams to make the right decisions for the health and success of their business. As an award-winning author, Smart CEO Philadelphia BRAVA award winner, University of Pennsylvania grad, and a guest-speaker on radio, TV, webinars, and workshops, Tish is dedicated to delivering action-oriented strategies that drive long-term results.

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