SciComm Summer #8: Vanessa Bohns - Writing Books as an Academic

Opinion Science

Jul 25 2022 • 57 mins

Vanessa Bohns is a social psychologist at Cornell University, and last year she release a book for the public: You Have More Influence Than You Think. It's a great book about a program of research she's been working on for year. I wanted to talk to Vanessa about what it was like to translate her research into a format that would be useful and digestible for non-academic audiences. We also talk about why a full-time researcher would take on a project like this, how to actually accomplish it, and then what happens when the book is out there in the world.

Vanessa was a previous guest on Opinion Science (Ep. 19: More Influence Than You Realize with Vanessa Bohns), and it was great to have her back on for this summer's science communication series.

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