Lauren Tarpley - Survivor of Stage 2 Her2+ Breast Cancer (grade 3)

But Seriously: The Cancer Podcast

Mar 19 2021 • 1 hr 55 mins

As soon as I greeted Lauren, she hit the ground running and I spent the rest of the podcast just trying to keep up with her. She does not wait for life to happen.

Her podcast "Life with Little Ones" is a place for parents to learn about other kinds of families. How to raise more inclusive children and how we all cope with parenting in this pandemic and these times. All kinds of families. Same sex, interracial, interfaith. Conscious coupling or intentionally single parents.

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Lauren is currently in the midst of treatment and as of March 2, 2021 she is cancer-free.

0:00:00 Getting the phone call

0:08:15 Systematic racism in medicine

0:21:40 How you relate to your doctor

0:24:35 Diagnostics & imaging

0:35:10 Lack of genetic testing data for African-Americans

0:43:00 Chemotherapy

0:47:40 AYA (Adolescent & Young Adult)

0:52:45 Receiving diagnosis

0:58:30 Cancer screening & recurrence rate

1:10:00 MRI scans

1:13:00 Origin of cancer

1:18:10 Caner day to day

1:30:40 BRCA gene mutation test

1:40:00 Progressing thru and after treatment

1:47:00 Others not showing up

- recorded 01/22/2021