The Way of Righteousness Lesson 19 Abraham God's Friend

Down to Earth But Heavenly Minded

Nov 29 2022 • 14 mins

by Paul D. Bramsen (Author)

All the episodes are about 15 minutes.

"Even if a log soaks a long time in the water, it will never become a crocodile" (Wolof Proverb) ...nor will being RELIGIOUS make a person RIGHTEOUS. The Way of Righteousness is an English translation of one hundred 15-minute radio programs first written in the Wolof language for the Muslims of Senegal, West Africa. With Islam's perspective of God, man, sin, and salvation in mind, The Way of Righteousness chronologically presents the key stories and central message of God's prophets according to the Bible. All one-hundred programs are interconnected, yet each stands alone - challenging the listener to consider God's righteous way of salvation.

This book has a two-fold purpose: 1.) READING BY ENGLISH-SPEAKING MUSLIMS AND ALL TRUE SEEKERS; 2.) TRANSLATION INTO OTHER LANGUAGES FOR RADIO BROADCAST. Currently, The Way of Righteousness is being (or has been) translated into more than twenty languages.

About P. D. Bramsen

Paul D. Bramsen has spent much of his life in Senegal, a majority-Muslim nation on the edge of the Sahara. His writings flow from a passion for the Scriptures and from thousands of dialogues with Muslim neighbors ad contacts in Senegal and around the world. Bramsen is the author of the 100-episode radio series THE WAY OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, the book ONE GOD ONE MESSAGE, the booklet YOUR STORY, and the illustrated book KING OF GLORY. Working with a small team over a period of nearly four years, his most recent project has been to see the KING of GLORY book turned into a movie. Paul is president of ROCK International (Relief, Opportunity, and Care for Kids / Resources of Crucial Knowledge). He and his wife are based in South Carolina.