Episode 63: Building A Real Estate Brand Part 2

Girl, Get Your Face Off A Bus Bench: Real Estate Marketing Only Better

Jun 13 2022 • 16 mins

Okay Busbench Babes, we are back, and we are diving into another episode about branding your real estate business. If you listened to our episode last week this is sort of a part two of that conversation, so if you missed that one you might want to go back and give that a listen before you get into this one. At the end of last week’s episode we left you with 5 actionable items on how to get started building your brand identity and this week Kristi is going to go deeper on each of those items to give you more detail on how to develop a working brand voice and strategy. This one is packed full of info so you may want to grab a pen and paper and jot some of this down, or write down any ideas you have that come to mind. Let’s dive in!