Episode 47: What Is Human Design And How It Can Change Your Life with Katrina Widener

Girl, Get Your Face Off A Bus Bench: Real Estate Marketing Only Better

Feb 14 2022 • 47 mins

Alright friends, this week we’ve got Kristi’s business coach, Katrina Widener back on the podcast to do a deep dive into Human Design. You may remember her from episode 17 where we talked about operating your business in alignment and if you haven’t heard that one, make sure to go back and check it out! In that episode we referenced Human Design and how Katrina uses it in her coaching and how it can be life changing.

So you might be wondering what exactly is Human Design? Well in a nutshell, Human Design is a tool similar to Enneagram or Meyers-Briggs that can give you insights into yourself and your personality. The difference with Human Design is that it’s goal is to show you who you were meant to be before conditioning rather than who you are with conditioning. Think personality test meets astrology and more. Katrina is absolutely awesome at breaking it all down, and explaining the differences between each methodology and we chat about the impact it’s had on Katrina’s life, as well as Kristi’s, and how they have used it as a powerful tool in their decision making, relationships, and business. This is a super thought provoking show, and we are so excited to share this conversation with you, let’s dive in!

Find Katrina on Instagram @katrina.widener, and her podcast Badass Business Squad Podcast wherever you get your podcasts.