Episode 57: How Real Estate Has Changed with Stephanie Meid

Girl, Get Your Face Off A Bus Bench: Real Estate Marketing Only Better

Apr 25 2022 • 35 mins

This week’s episode is a throwback to Beth’s early days in real estate in Tampa Bay, Florida. She sits down with her “Florida family”, Stephanie Meid and she shares what it was like to grow up in a real estate family, what it was like to have Realtors as parents and how much the real estate world has changed. Beth and Stephanie share what the lifestyle of an agent working in the real estate industry back in the 90’s was like before we even had the internet - shout out to anyone who remembers what “floor time” is. They reminisce about their time together back in Tampa, and how much things have changed in the industry since then, what it’s like in Tampa now, and what the market is like there. Stephanie shares how she has balanced parenting with her career, the benefits of being an agent and a mom and why this may be a good career option for busy moms wanting more time with their family and a better work life balance. This is a fun conversation between old friends. Let’s dive in!