Episode 58: Women In The World Of NFT’s with Ryan Clinton

Girl, Get Your Face Off A Bus Bench: Real Estate Marketing Only Better

May 2 2022 • 39 mins

Alright we are back again to talk about Web 3.0 and NFT’s because they are not going anywhere, and if you haven’t been paying attention it’s our opinion that you should reconsider. In 2021 NFT transactions jumped 21,350% to a whopping total of $17 billion, and we are still in the infancy of what this industry could become. Today we have Kristi’s hubby Ryan back on and he’s going to share how this may very well hold the potential to revolutionize the internet, and the ways we operate on our social media platforms, and why as women we have the ability to get involved with NFTs before this space becomes another male dominated industry. NFT’s and Web 3.0 hold a world of possibilities in the future and brands, creators, and influencers will have many avenues to capitalize on this technology, and to do so the first step is to actually pay attention to what is going on, and understand what it takes to operate in this space successfully.

You can find Ryan on Instagram @tradingdayz