Read and Think

James Petzke

I’ve learned in my career as an entrepreneur and investor that the more I read, the better I think, which leads to better decisions and better outcomes. On Read and Think I talk about the lessons I’m learning from the books I’m reading and how I’m applying them to my life.

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The Death of Expertise - 016
Aug 23 2021
18 mins
The Death of Expertise - 016Noise: A Flaw in Human Judgement - 015A Promised Land - 014Amazon Unbound - 013William Borah - 012Capitalism in America: A History - 011Decision Points - 010The Great Inflation and Its Aftermath - 009Skin in the Game - 008Of Wolves and Men - 007How to Decide - 006The Psychology of Money - 005Two Histories of Idaho - 004How to Avoid a Climate Disaster by Bill Gates - 003Last Lion: Visions of Glory by William Manchester - 002Think Again by Adam Grant - 001Introduction to the Read and Think Podcast