Making the Internet More Human

Application Modernization: A Podcast for High-Growth Software Companies

May 24 2022 • 43 mins

The emergence of digital spaces augmenting social interactions is taking over the planet. Avatars represent the true identity of the most important contributor to the internet. What happened to learning about the actual human being behind the keyboard or smartphone?

But what if we could make the internet more human? What if it felt like stepping into someone’s front door? Where you see their pictures, their books, their records, and get a good feel for who they are as a HUMAN, not an avatar.

Matt Shackleford is doing just that. Matt is a co-founder at Abode, and was a guest on the latest episode of Application Modernization. He talked to us all about:

  • The startup he’s launching aimed at bridging the gap between Web 2 and Web 3
  • Why he’s aiming to make the internet more human
  • How we can break free from being “content curators” and be “humans” online again

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