Public Cloud: The Bullet Train to Growth & Scalability w/ Frank Wander

Application Modernization: A Podcast for High-Growth Software Companies

Aug 10 2021 • 25 mins

Public cloud has changed everything. Not only does it help companies get data centers up and running quickly, it also means people with deep expertise can take the lead on setting up, managing, and maintaining what can be an extremely complex environment. Gone are the days where you have to acquire servers, bring in equipment, and configure your data center. The days of speed, scale, and savings are here.

In this episode, Frank Wander, CEO and Founder of PeopleProductive, shares why he’s passionate about public cloud and how it was integral to his company’s success.

We discuss:

  • Using emerging technologies to deliver solutions to the market
  • The advantages of public cloud
  • Why expertise is important for moving to the cloud
  • Designing your infrastructure for scale from the very beginning

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