The Benefits of Building Quality Software from the Start

Application Modernization: A Podcast for High-Growth Software Companies

Mar 10 2022 • 29 mins

Today’s guest, Sean Coates, Director of Software Engineering at KUDO, takes pride in doing software engineering the right way.

It’s the reason he became a boss. Before that, he had managers that were perfectly fine with rush jobs and cutting corners to meet a deadline.

Not Sean.

In this episode, he explains why using engineering best practices—design patterns, test-driven deployment, and pair programming, for example—enables you to scale faster and build stronger applications.

We discuss:

  • How KUDO enables live simultaneous interpretation in video conferencing
  • How AI and natural language processing might be applied to KUDO in the future
  • Why it pays to build quality software from the start
  • The difficulties of microservices
  • How to build and maintain an effective distributed team

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