Open Source Revolution: A Conversation w/ Carvel Baus

Application Modernization: A Podcast for High-Growth Software Companies

Dec 21 2021 • 40 mins

Open source is used in way more things than people realize.

After all, with so much open source code available to power basic functionalities, it’s easier for developers to just plug it iRn and move on to other things that are more core to their business.

In an open source world, you can really do anything you want as long as the code is there.

In this episode, Carvel Baus, Senior Consultant & Architect at Shadow-Soft, explains the value of open source technology and interesting ways it’s being used in the industry today.

We discuss:

  • His early experiences using Unix and Java
  • Why he became fascinated with open source
  • Interesting use cases for OpenShift
  • Why data centers will be shifting to Arm technology
  • Advice for up-and-coming engineers

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