Moral Justice versus Legal Justice, with Robert Shapiro

The Costa Report

Nov 7 2017 • 52 mins

Mr. Robert Shapiro joins us this week to talk about an issue that we frequently encounter on this program, the difference between “moral justice” and “legal justice”. You will likely remember him as part of O.J. Simpson’s successful dream team, which according to Shapiro, ended in the correct legal outcome owing to the establishment of reasonable doubt. But how often does moral justice trump legal justice? And how much does an individual’s wealth play into getting justice in America? No one is better positioned to answer these difficult question that Mr Shapiro, who has not only represented multiple celebrities, but went onto become one of the founders of Legal Zoom and Right Counsel, companies that are specifically designed to help average Americans navigate the complex legal system. In addition, we will be speaking with Shapiro about his work through the Brent Shapiro Foundation for Drug Prevention, which he formed after his son passed away from drug related causes.