Life, it's a Big Faith Journey

Diana Hudgins

This podcast is full of encouraging stories and lessons to lead you to successful destinations along the path of life. The power of your life is in your words and your thoughts, so chose them well and give life by thinking and speaking them well of others too. Be a life giver and a life changer. Let it begin in you. I'm speaking directly to you from my heart to yours. My testimony in this life is faith. When I truly surrendered to God it began with giving everything I had to him and it was no small task, it was all about having really big faith, believing Him without a doubt. I had to believe Him for everything. I challenge you to get out of your comfort zone. As for me I want to do something so big it's destine to fail without You Lord, something so great it's gonna take a miracle to do. I want to be like Peter who walked on water! I hear God saying "Diana, get out of the boat!" For me my faith is all or nothing! By believing I have nothing to loose so I am all in. "The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit." Proverbs 18:21.Which words will you chose? The positive words of life or the negative words of death? Those negative words that steal, kill and destroy life. The power of your life is in your words, so speak them well and give life by speaking them well of others too. Be an encourager.We must not be afraid when it matters, when it means saving and changing lives we must speak boldly and sometimes bluntly if we want to make a difference in this world. More often times than not it takes courage and putting our vulnerability out there to save a life or two or three. And when evangelist Eva Dooley touched my lips and prophesied over me she said "You have been silent, but you will be silent no more" that is exactly what she meant. She's right, I am silent no more. Praise God! - Diana Hudgins
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Conquer Stress and Find the Joy (Ep. 20)
Conquer Stress and Find the Joy (Ep. 20)
Hello every one of you! This is my 20th episode with you. I want to note that you can find me first on dianahudgins.com, on Apple and Google Podcasts, on Spotify, Stitcher, Amazon Music, Audible and about every social media platform there is. Simply search for my name and or this podcast Life, it’s a Big Faith Journey. So now on to business of wishing you a very Blessed Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! In podcast 18 I spoke about gearing ourselves towards our new year’s resolutions a bit ahead of time and adding in more joy and less stress into our holiday season. I felt it deserved more attention  so I wanted to go a bit further into it in this podcast. Please share this podcast with others. There is special message at the end. Here we are into the holiday season a time for family and friends. No desire for drama but find it is often times hard to accommodate everyone’s wishes. Its such a busy time and there is much time spent planning and shopping and preparing to find it is all gone in a matter of what seems like moments, completely gone overall in day or two. Feeling rushed and frustrated and tired most time during the season who in the world will find the time to simply enjoy this time of year? You are!  I have some tips for you today to make your holiday season a more positive one. The question keeps coming up about whether or not you have your Christmas decor up before Thanksgiving. I say why not combine the both after all I think we need to learn to be thankful for what we already have as we go into a time of giving and receiving. Have you ever heard the saying that we should have Christmas all year? That spirit should be the theme of our lives. What people need to realize is this comes from your heart not your pocket book. It comes from your peace and your joy not your stress level or the need to impress anyone. I am reminding you to shake it off and be free.Support the show (https://www.paypal.me/DianaHudgins27)
Nov 24 2021
28 mins
From Brokenness (Pandemic Life) to Finding Our Lives Again (Ep.19)Jumpstart Resolutions and Put Joy into this Season (Ep.18)Don't Forget to Make Time for Living Your Life (Ep. 17)What's What (Love) Got To Do With it? (Ep.16)
Hello you, You are probably wondering what’s what got to do with what? Let me ask you what is going to sustain through the hard times, for hard times come and go, they never go away completely. You face a lot of things in life and it is nice to have someone along the way to get through those times in life. No one wants to be alone really. For Relationships and marriages to be strong and lasting it takes  effort and sacrifice.  Thats not so hard to do when you are googlie eyed and in love. So if you are thinking that changing partners is the answer, when things seem to not be going the way you have dreamed of, it is not. Why not? Well, because in every relationship, every marriage it will have it’s own fair share of problems. They may not be the same problems you had before, because problems will present themselves no matter who your partner is, no matter what marriage #1 or #2 etc  you are on. Maybe you are not even seeking any division in your relationship and you feel like you are just settling for what it is, but still there are times you want so much more. We all deserve that. So why just let these bad things happen to you? The first place you need to be searching is within yourself. You see the key to these life changing issues is how committed are you to work through those things? People are all the time saying “Do your research” on this subject or that subject so why not your relationship, your marriage? If you ever feel all hope is gone then commit to faith and talk to God about it. Do this: take the leap of making the two of you a priority by jumping in to dig deeper to discover what cure or solution, and or compromise there is to this issue or problem. Make your partner and the relationship between the two of you a priority. When we begin to see the response we get and how it is received we find ourselves wanting to give more of it and it becomes automatic more than something we have to put effort towards. It makes you a better and happier person as well. It begins to flow from you. It makes you worthy.  Hebrews 11 talks about faith and it says that “Faith without actions is dead.” So act, and be intentional and consistent, even if you don’t feel like you think you should, make effort and your actions can then activate what needs to happen, what needs to change and it activates a response. Ask yourself as well, what needs to change in me? Challenge yourself. Podcast 5 Faith or Fear, Win or Loose, Which Will you Choose?  https://dianahudgins.buzzsprout.com/1804494/8876547-faith-or-fear-win-or-loose-which-will-you-choose-ep-5-pt-1-2Podcast 6 Happiness is Lubbock Texas https://dianahudgins.buzzsprout.com/1804494/8927426-happiness-is-lubbock-texas-ep-6-pt-2-2Marriage, Our Storyhttps://www.dianahudgins.com/p/marriage-ministry.htmlMovie mentioned: Fireproof  https://www.kendrickbrotherscatalogue.com/fireproof/Book mentioned: Love DareSupport the show (https://www.paypal.me/DianaHudgins27)
Oct 13 2021
29 mins
Leading in Your Life and in Your Teams (Ep.15)
Welcome to Life, it’s a Big Faith Journey. I am your host Diana Hudgins. My podcast and writings are about faith one for it is my testimony as well as the fact that daily life takes faith, to do a lot of what we do. Somedays it takes faith and courage to get out of bed and face the day and show up. We aspire to succeed and do great things. I can’t help but think of Travis Tritt’s song “I’m Gonna Be Somebody.” We all have dreamt of being someone someday. But to be truthful you already are. You just have to decide to get up and take part of what God has in store for you today. He wants us all to lead a good life. He calls His children to rise up and so, let’s talk leadership, and being a leader that people will remember.  Let’s also talk about teamwork. Let’s talk how to lead successfully. It might take a little more effort on your part but these lessons are easy to to comprehend and remember.  Before we ever begin to work on a team at our jobs, we have been learning since the days of being a young child discovering and playing with other children. Of course then there is being part of a family, being a part of a team at school and church and even being married. Anytime you must work together on anything you are part of a team. While working on a team together can get the job done verses working alone, everyone must contribute to a team to do their part, but no one person should take it all upon themselves for there is no “I” in the word team and sometimes that is difficult for some people, especially micro-managers. -Diana HudginsSupport the show (https://www.paypal.me/DianaHudgins27)
Oct 4 2021
31 mins
Armor Up and Prepare, it's Our Time! (Ep. 14)
If you prepare for it, this week can be different than all the rest. Your week can continue to climb the charts in your, life’s big faith journey, for faith, believing in, preparation and commitment is a must to succeed. Today as this podcast is published it is Monday but regardless of the day you are listening to this it you can start right here and now. So as we get ready for our new week, let us first talk to our God and then suit up with His armor so we can boldly and bravely walk into this week with assurance that He is with us because He is no longer standing there knocking at our door, we have opened it and we have to welcomed Him in with a week that He have planned for us. Hopefully it is a door you will never close again. He wants a continual life time relationship with you but it is one that you are in control of. You always have been. He can’t come in unless you invite Him. All He can do is stand there knocking on the outside of your door. The door can only be opened with a key and you hold that key always. Let us position ourselves to welcome His presence as we pray now.Armor of God:The first piece we put on is the "Belt of Truth" and we are girded in the truth of God.Next let us put on the "Breastplate of Righteousness."We put on our "Shoes of the Gospel of Peace."  And we will not lose our peace today. We take up the "Shield of Faith" and quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.We put on our "Helmet of Salvation" so we have the mind of Christ.We take up the "Sword of the Spirit" which is the Word of God and our two edged sword.Holy Spirit give us the utterance that we will speak boldly and we shall stand as an "Ambassador for the Kingdom" of God.https://www.dianahudgins.com Support the show (https://www.paypal.me/DianaHudgins27)
Sep 27 2021
17 mins
Allowing Ourselves to Change Like the Seasons Do (Ep.13)
Hey everyone can you believe it's almost October? It got me to thinking about seasons as we are approaching Fall. We often hear people talk about seasons of life. They say such things as "Oh what a tough season this has been" or "I am entering into a new season of life."  In this episode I share my testimony of how some "new season resolutions" in my life clicked and became part of my life.  When I was a student I found myself living and planning my life in semesters. I loved the semesters of planning goals and reaching those goals in short periods of time actually. Planning my life in semesters was really good for me. Those short term goals got me to the ultimate goal, the degree in which I was earning.  There were a lot of semesters and after three degrees so I missed school and my semester planning my life out in that way but, thank God I learned to live my life in seasons. My husband is probably happy about that too. You know there were things like tuition. Actually seasons are like semesters, they have the same names, Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.  And guess what here we are entering into a new season, the season of Fall. What are your goals going to be? Let the old fall off and the new step into place. Our minds are powerful and once we set our minds to do something we engage the power to enforce it. A new season is about filling those old places with some new things to try and give the opportunity to change as well. You don’t have to wait for a new year, a new season is here. Chose some things you want to seek change have the opportunity and do your research and pray about it. God will answer you.Harvey Diamond's Book https://www.amazon.com/Harvey-Diamond-Fit-Life-1-2-1987/dp/B00HTJW9V8/ref=sr_1_3?crid=313G83RU1RP9E&dchild=1&keywords=fit+for+life+by+harvey+and+marilyn+diamond&qid=1632298558&sprefix=fit+for+life%2Caps%2C875&sr=8-3Kareem's Website https://4cyclesoflife.com/He is going to be posting a new channel other than YouTube so I will repost it here in the next day or so. Support the show (https://www.paypal.me/DianaHudgins27)
Sep 22 2021
24 mins
Take the Leading Role in Your Life (Ep,12)
Let’s talk today about boldness and standing up for what you believe to be true and right that works in any of the areas of your life. We were all called to be leader starting with our own choice of how we live our lives. Yes, there are great leaders and there are mediocre leaders and then just really poor leaders. Which one are you?  God has called each one of us to be the light unto the world. So regardless of whether you chose to be, you are an example to others, you are a leader. The question is what kind are you? You were called and appointed to this. It’s one of those “If not you, then who moments”. Let’s be clear: leadership isn’t always about standing at a podium or having some title, it is a role you are called too for God made you to have a voice with the ability to make a difference in this world and it determines the path of the destiny of how you will lead your life and influence others or not. It doesn’t care about your age or any specifics about you. Maybe you have not considered these points before and maybe you will decide to start today. Being a parent you are a leader. Being a sibling, you are an influence therefore you are a leader. Your leadership role is your responsibility to take on and it holds you accountable and responsible first in how you will lead your life story, your legacy. We automatically look at our babies and can see ways they are learning to determine the character they are already building. Leadership is not just in the career mode of our lives, it first begins within us in making choices in our lives and leading the way. Leadership begins within your own personal life and choices regardless of what roles you are choosing to take on or called to participate in. Leadership starts here and it is up to you to claim your destiny of success or failure. God calls His people to lead So no matter who you are I have something here today for each of you to ponder. - Diana HudginsSupport the show (https://www.paypal.me/DianaHudgins27)
Sep 14 2021
24 mins
God Has Been Talking to Me About You.....(Ep.11)
Are you worried and living in some fear ? Does one day seem to be ok and the next you live in upset? Or say life just isn’t want you want it to feel like? I want to talk a little about prayer today and then I want to pray a special prayer over you, over all of us. I feel so much better as soon as I begin to talk to God. When things bother me I am reminded of Who my God is.  I cannot begin to express the relief I feel when I begin speaking out loud to God about Who He is to me. As you are thinking about all that bothers you listen carefully to Who God is to me and you can say it right along with me as I pause a bit for you to do so and see how this makes you feel. He is my provider, my healer, my Lord, my Father, my savior, my comforter, my teacher, my faithful leader. When He is your everything the list of Who He is to you never ends. When I simply began saying Who He is to me peace overcomes me. We are living in some tough times but you know what I am not settling for this new normal. I am expecting God’s Hand to move and things will get better than this when I line my life with what He expects of me. For the past week God has been placing the scripture John 10:10 on my heart. It says “I have come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly.” It has given me great comfort. I want to talk to God on our behalf. You can come into agreement with me by saying you receive this prayer.  Ok, here we go...Visit me here as well http://www.dianahudgins.comSupport the show (https://www.paypal.me/DianaHudgins27)
Sep 7 2021
24 mins
Have We Lost Our Joy and are We Stuck? (Ep.10)
You know when you get to feeling your life is just stuck and you just can’t seem feel upbeat because you are just not feeling the enthusiasm for life? Or are you someone that feels that this is it, life isn’t never going to get any better? Are you so bogged down by the talk of the world? Being selective and then being intentional is really important to your overall health. Feeling encouraged and alive is much more than what foods you chose to take into your body, its about all the things you chose to ta into your overall well being. You have found times you just feel numb to many things, you feel tired, your semi-happy emotions, your basic mediocre contentment level has finally learned to settle for this speed. You wake up feeling a little more motivated and thinking just maybe I can reach higher today, but all those thoughts are shot down before you even really get your day started? All because someone said something that didn’t set right with you or you turned on to hear all the negative news or something came up against you to what you felt was setting the tone to how your day was going to unfold. Those few times turn into more often times that you are just going through the days not really feeling like you are ever going to get where your heart once desired to be? You hope that reading a new motivational book or try to find something to kick your inspiration into gear might help. Yes it very well may, but then yet tomorrow you just are not as committed? Today let’s talk about how to keep ourselves inspired to build on a foundation of happiness and joy. Support the show (https://www.paypal.me/DianaHudgins27)
Aug 30 2021
33 mins
Discover Yourself by Sharing You with Someone Else (Ep.9)This is How We Find Hope in 'All' Times (Ep.8)Live Your Life on Purpose (Ep.7)Happiness was Lubbock, Texas for Us (Ep.6)
In the last episode I revealed how my big faith journey began, in this one entitled Happiness is Lubbock Texas I will share where my faith went from there and how I kept it going. It is very tough in a world with so much going on and going wrong. Its hard most days to keep your chin up. The enemy is waging war upon us, but it is so important to keep ourselves in “faith shape”, to be rested and to be good to ourselves so we are ready and able to live this life and serve our God. We must learn to trust God in all things and to pray about every one of them no matter how big or small or even how silly our prayers may seem at times. We must know that God cares about what we want because He cares for us. He wants us to talk to Him and depend on Him for every little thing.  So if you haven’t listened to the previous podcast episode 5 please do, for this one is a continuance.I want to encourage you to take all of your worries, all of your cares, all of those you love and are concerned about and envision yourself carrying them in your arms and placing them at the throne of God, laying them at His feet and looking up to God and saying, Father I leave these things here with you to take care of. I trust you to do so. And then walking away. When you find yourself worrying about them, panicking about them, I want you to once again envision yourself trying to sneak over and begin pulling those things closer to you. And then realize STOP, don’t do it! You said you would trust Him. Whatever you are facing, you have to leave it all there and trust God to work. Keep activating it and speaking those positive words of faith. Remain patient. Thank you for deciding to come and listen to me and about my story of faith. Until next time….keep the faith, and remember that nothing is ever over, until and if God says it is. Trust Him at His Word.  -Diana HudginsSupport the show (https://www.paypal.me/DianaHudgins27)
Jul 27 2021
28 mins
Faith or Fear, Which Will You Choose? My Testimony (Ep. 5)The Beautiful Weapon of Mass Affirmations (Ep.4)
We discuss the importance of affirmations. These are spoken words to you that motivates, inspires and encourages you to take action and to realize your goals. These words put together a sentence that you repeat often, in order to imprint it on your subconscious mind. This repetition can change your habits, behavior, point of view and your life. When thinking logically and when making  decisions you have heard the phrase “Use your head.  Your head/mind is the most powerful weapon you could ever posses. It is where your thoughts are created and it allows you to speak those thoughts out loud into the world. Your head can lead you to success or it can get you in a world of trouble.  And just like any weapon that vessel gives you the ability of how to correctly use it for the opportunity to protect life or destroy it. I talk about how choosing our words can change our own lives as well as leave a legacy that impacts the lives of others. Also I touch on the impact other people  have on us and the impressions they leave on us.People may not remember every word you spoke to them, but they will always remember how you made them feel. I speak on parenting and how affirmations play a vital role in how we raise our children. I also share how important affirmations are in the work place, as well as how we affirm those people most important to us.  Regardless of our age we always have a need for affirmation in our lives. -Diana Hudgins"If you treat an individual as if he were what he ought to be and could be, he will become what he ought to be and could be. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethewww.dianahudgins.comSupport the show (https://www.paypal.me/DianaHudgins27)
Jul 13 2021
32 mins
War Room: How to Create Your Own Space and Strategy (Ep. 3)What in the Pandemic? How Do We Make It? (Ep. 2)Life, it's a Big Faith Journey (Ep. 1)