Why do we have such a large gap between GTM data and whats actually happening on the frontlines? Technical Sales leaders or GTM skilled Data people? With Scott Stouffer.

Selling Saas

Feb 10 2023 • 6 mins

The challenges of implementing new technology to streamline sales processes. There has been an influx of people hired to help startups with this task, but they often lack the sales experience to truly understand what is needed. The technology is complex, with CRMs, marketing automation platforms, Cadence tools, and other tools often purchased by sales and marketing people without the IT organization's input. As a result, the tools are often not implemented correctly, leading to a lack of data and misguided efforts.
The challenge is that most sales and marketing leaders are not technically skilled enough to do it properly, while those who have the technical skills may not understand the nuances of the go-to-market motion. To bridge this gap, companies are employing go-to-market analysts who understand both aspects. These analysts are data analysts who started in the sales and marketing world, rather than data operations. They understand the technical products and can use them to reflect the nuances of the go-to-market process.

Why is process compliance so important: data and measuring pipeline efficiency.

Overly complex tech stacks that get in the way of things and not investing in skilled enough people to make use of them

Improving the Opportunity Pipeline Through Tech Stack Optimization

even though it may be “easier,” is it hurting data to help progress.

the only IT product that isnt bought by the IT department.

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