Nathan Lambert

TalkRL: The Reinforcement Learning Podcast

Mar 22 2021 • 50 mins

Nathan Lambert is a PhD Candidate at UC Berkeley.

Featured References

Learning Accurate Long-term Dynamics for Model-based Reinforcement Learning
Nathan O. Lambert, Albert Wilcox, Howard Zhang, Kristofer S. J. Pister, Roberto Calandra

Objective Mismatch in Model-based Reinforcement Learning
Nathan Lambert, Brandon Amos, Omry Yadan, Roberto Calandra

Low Level Control of a Quadrotor with Deep Model-Based Reinforcement Learning
Nathan O. Lambert, Daniel S. Drew, Joseph Yaconelli, Roberto Calandra, Sergey Levine, Kristofer S.J. Pister

On the Importance of Hyperparameter Optimization for Model-based Reinforcement Learning
Baohe Zhang, Raghu Rajan, Luis Pineda, Nathan Lambert, André Biedenkapp, Kurtland Chua, Frank Hutter, Roberto Calandra

Additional References