446: Ilise Benun - The Niche Debate

The Self-Employed Life

Nov 14 2018 • 45 mins

So many creative professionals get frustrated with the idea that they need to have a “niche.” We don’t like to feel like we’re being painted in a corner. It can feel paralyzing. We think to ourselves, “Why do I need to choose just one thing!” Most of us are driven by feeling fulfilled by the creative work that we do. We don’t want to sacrifice it for the sake of the business. So how can we find the direction that will make us successful in our work and then focus on it?

The good thing is, you won’t know what your niche is immediately. It takes time to even begin thinking about it.  You can then refine it as you go. The key to a niche is that it does not come from inside (what do I want), it comes from outside (what does the market need). If you’re sensitive and empathetic, you will be able to see where your skills can be most used. It doesn’t have to be just one thing.

To dive deeper into the idea of “niche,” I’ve brought on author, speaker and coach Ilise Benun. Ilise is the author of 7 books for the “creatively self-employed” and founder of Marketing-Mentor.com. She tailors her one-on-one mentoring to the needs of each and every creative professional who engages her and helps you build the business that provides the freedom you want.

To learn what it means to choose your niche and how it can help you focus, download this episode now.


“It is your responsibility to build the muscle of self-confidence.” -Ilise Benun

Highlights -

  • Weed out what’s irrelevant, and weed in what’s relevant.
  • Finding your niche is refining your focus little by little over time.
  • The niche is so deep that there is infinite work to be done.
  • People hardly ever pick the right niche first.
  • The obstacle between focus and direction is the inability to say no.
  • You don’t have to know immediately if you said no to the right projects
  • Creative people are able to stand out in their work but often not on the business side.
  • There are three questions to ask to figure out your pricing: who are you talking to, what can they afford, and do they value what you’re selling.

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