7 What is Composition?

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Jun 3 2021 • 8 mins

In this episode, you’ll learn what composition is.

When we choose our subject we are choosing to capture a thing, a person, a sky, anything because it means something to us. Composition is deeply personal, almost as personal as editing style because we view the world based on our own experiences. Whether you want your photograph to simply document, to convey emotion, or just to capture something “pretty,” there are many ways that photography is more than a happy accident of being in the right place at the right time.

Defining Composition

Composition is probably the easiest part about photography because it’s simply finding something you want to take pictures of. Every time you make the decision to take a photograph you choose what to include and what to focus on. Composition can be conscious, where you arrange and remove things to add to the aesthetic of the image; or it can be subconscious, where your focus was only on the subject at the time and the whole scene is your composition.

While it’s easy to understand, it’s not necessarily easy to implement. What the eye sees as being “perfect,” the camera may reveal differently. The arrangement of objects and elements can bring together more than one item, or it can make everything else meaningless save for the focus of the image. A successful composition is one that evokes feeling or meaning to the viewer, not just one that looks good.

Understand that your composition will change depending on the lens you are using.

Watch a video tutorial and read more about composition here: https://photographyandfriends.com/what-is-composition/

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