In this teamBIT Morgan shares some thoughts on rest and how bring in restorative activities into you non-work time or your work.

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Also, here are some interesting additional rest oriented resources (thank you to Michee in the ISU for these!)

Healthy Minds Program app link here

This free, evidence-based meditation app that includes both short lessons on mindfulness, and meditation practices of various lengths. Helps you over time across the following dimensions: awareness, connection, insight, and purpose.

Non-Sleep Deep Rest Video link here

Developed by Dr. Huberman, a Neuroscience professor at Stanford University, who is also the Scientific Lead of the MadeFor program. It is a free 20+ minutes Youtube video that can be used to reduce stress, increase relaxation.

Oak Meditation link here

An app for mindfulness and breathing that has different breathing exercises to guide people

Mood meter link here

A Research based app for iPhone or Android that is used for self-awareness and helps increase your own emotional intelligence

Here is a link to abstract of the Allison paper from 1970: