Don't Blame SEO If You Don't Get Any Sales!

SEO Success For Small Business Owners

Jun 22 2023 • 6 mins

#055: In this episode I talk a little about how SEO distributes your marketing assets even if they aren't very good! It can happen that a seemingly failed SEO campaign worked really well - it's just the company doesn't actually sell a product or service that people want, or maybe their marketing message is a little off kilter!

But you CAN use SEO as a tool to help you gauge what in your marketing does work and what doesn't work - by tweaking, measuring and pivoting your content.

I'm going to take a little break over the Summer so that I can look at my own podcast metrics and figure out where to go in the Fall. Let's call it the end of Season 1. I'm looking forward to starting up again soon - but in the meantime, watch this space!

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