Ep. 15: Isha Punja: Netflix's Twentysomethings: Austin Reality TV Star, Founder and Designer of Brand Hut Mentality

Who Actually Knows

May 31 2023 • 34 mins

Influencers....they're just like us?? Let's talk all things casting, starting a brand, and life as an influencer with Isha Punja!! Isha shares her background and how her childhood shaped her into who she is today. From a firey, twenty-three year old that worked in a jewelry store to then becoming an influencer and model, Isha's genuine self shines through in this episode as she discusses her life changing immensely over the last two years. Tune in to a fun episode this week :) Available on all platforms you listen to your podcasts on! Follow the socials: Instagram @isha_punja Brand @hutmentality https://www.hutmentality.com/