This Is Small Business


This is Small Business explores the journey to success for small business owners by diving deep into the pivotal moments they have faced and conquered along the way. Brought to you by Amazon, this show is delivered through the unique perspective of a curious millennial trying to figure out what it takes to be a successful small business owner today. Episodes feature small business owners and industry experts from all walks of life who offer trends analysis, life lessons, and a different point of view. This is Small Business invites you to dig deep and find the tools you need to start, build, and grow your small business.

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Our Editor's Take

Running a small business is thrilling. But, at the same time, it can be very challenging. That's where the This Is Small Business podcast can help. Host Andrea Marquez tells listeners how they can make their ideas a reality.

Host Andrea Marquez has a way of making complex information accessible. In part, that's due to the short educational segments of the show. This Is Small Business makes things clear. In the process, she makes sure each piece of information is tangible and easy to understand. This includes writing a business plan, deploying a marketing strategy, scaling, and more. To illustrate different case scenarios, Marquez goes straight to the source. She interviews small business owners from all over the country. And they share their real-life experience, recounting their business journeys. But they also reveal the most important lessons they've learned along the way.

The This Is Small Business host also invites industry experts to join her on the show. At the end of each 30-minute episode, they help summarize the key takeaways for the day. Marquez believes these stories will inspire listeners—because everyone is trying to figure it out along the way. After all, asking for help never hurt anyone. And even the most knowledgeable business owners can learn something from this series.

Before this podcast, Marquez hosted LatinEQUIS, an award-winning Mexican-American podcast. With This Is Small Business, she has a new focus. She's looking to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. This podcast is an educational highlight for small business owners, startups, and creative heads with big ideas. New episodes air every week.

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How Good Design Can Help Increase Sales
Jun 4 2024
How Good Design Can Help Increase Sales
Are you trying to figure out if a rebrand is worth the high price tag? Just ask actors turned entrepreneurs David McGranaghan & Julian Miller, co-founders of McMiller, a company that creates games designed to make you laugh, who went over-budget to rebrand their business. “Strong design [...] turns a four-star review into a five-star review, and I think that's definitely what we've learned, and it's money well spent [...] I would encourage people to put money into design," says David. In the season finale of This is Small Business, you’ll hear how Julian and David’s love story sparked the idea to start their business, the challenges and benefits of being married to your business partner, and how design can elevate your products. They’ll also talk about the importance of taking it slow when you’re first stepping into entrepreneurship.In this episode you’ll hear:(01:23) How David and Julian met and started Mcmiller (06:11) Why David and Julian wanted to get into entrepreneurship despite being professional actors(09:55) The challenges and benefits of starting a business with your romantic partner(12:28) How you could use reviews to improve your products(15:12) How design can elevate your products(22:36) How success can hurt your business if you’re not prepared for it(23:54) How to add sustainability into your business – Andrea mentions two This is Small Business episodes about sustainability. If you want to learn more, check out this season's bonus episode “How your business can have an impact” or an episode from season 4 called “How to Grow a Sustainable Business.”(25:58) Julian and David give us a look into their future goals and their upcoming game(26:55) Julian and David emphasize the importance of taking things slow when you’re starting your business – it’ll help you avoid mistakes and give you time to work on the best version of your product
Do You Have What It Takes to Own Your Own Business?
Mar 19 2024
Do You Have What It Takes to Own Your Own Business?
If there's one thing we’ve learned over the many episodes of this show, it’s that owning and operating your own business is hard. You have to overcome challenges you didn’t even know existed.Thinking of becoming an entrepreneur or you’re wondering if you should stick it out? We have Dr. Laura Morgan Roberts, scholar, speaker and consultant, who studies the science of maximizing human potential, to guide us through. “I do think for every market need, for every human desire, there is an entrepreneur who is inspired and equipped to meet that need and to help for people to connect with that desire”And Pamela Wirth, of Hello Health, will share what she’s learned on her path to entrepreneurship. Learn from an expert and those who have been there! In this episode you’ll hear:(03:49) Why connecting with others is one of the most important traits of an entrepreneur(05:23) What qualities you need to be an entrepreneur (08:17) If you can't go all in on your business because you need the financial security of a 9 to 5, how else can you start your business journey?(10:24) How do you start a business if you have too much on your plate?(12:56) An entrepreneur is also a leader, so what qualities do you need to be a great leader?(15:38) What are some hurdles that entrepreneurs might have to overcome when they're thinking about starting a business?(18:45) What are some of the qualities you need to help you get through the tough times?