Ep. 80 What is Sleep Hygiene and How To Include Reading in Your Routine

The Reader's Couch

Mar 15 2023 • 19 mins

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Learn about sleep hygiene, the importance of including reading in your sleep hygiene, and get practical tips to help you develop better sleep hygiene and sleep better.
Sleep is essential, yet sometimes I feel it's such an underrated and under-discussed part of self-care, so let's take the time time to look at your sleep hygiene and your current sleep habits and think about ways to prioritize sleep and start new healthy sleep habits and improve on the quantity and quality of sleep we get.
Find the episode show notes and a list of all the books mentioned here.
Read about slowing down and the benefits of taking a step back in this article.
You can also read about sleep hygiene and why you should include reading in your routine here.
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