Financial Feminist

Her First $100K

Join money expert Tori Dunlap as she guides you on how to make more, spend less, and feel financially confident in a world run by rich white men. Through solo episodes and special guest interviews, you’ll walk away with resources to get, save, and grow money to gain financial freedom and kick some patriarchal ass at the same time. New episodes drop every Tuesday, and mini-episodes drop every other Thursday. read less

Our Editor's Take

Anyone wondering how to spend, invest, and save money with intention may enjoy the Financial Feminist podcast. Host Tori Dunlap is a fierce advocate for women's economic rights. She covers bold topics such as toxic masculinity and socially responsible investing. Her passion for helping women to learn about money is untamable. Dunlap continues to inspire others as she fights for the financial feminism movement. But every gender can enjoy this podcast.

Dunlap founded Her First $100K and is an avid advocate for female financial education. She is also the author of the New York Times bestseller Financial Feminist. This podcast continues her journey to educate others about money.

Each episode of the Financial Feminist podcast invites listeners to thought-provoking topics. Dunlap's no-nonsense approach creates a sense of honesty. She provides actionable advice and helpful tips. She breaks down complex issues into simpler, manageable pieces. Her straightforward approach is refreshing.

Dunlap often chats with other successful women on her podcast. Some of the guests include experts such as Amy Porterfield and Bobbi Rebell. Dunlap also interviews Selling Sunset's Maya Vander about fame, fortune, and more.

Episode topics range from starting a side hustle to the actual safety of banks. Guests talk about how to use credit cards to the holder's advantage instead of incurring debt. Amid the business talk, each interview has an element of personal development. Dunlap and her guests recount lessons they've learned on their road to success. They talk about failures, setbacks, and the resiliency that enabled them to persevere. Past guests include Ilona Maher, the Shrink Chicks, and Gabe Dunn.

Dunlap is fearless in exposing the truth of taboo topics. She addresses systematic oppression and how it affects money. She exposes the financial inequities and inequalities that often go unmentioned. Dunlap critiques other financial advice and explains the logic behind her response. She is a daring Gen Z warrior. The host is ready to disrupt the norms of how women and the world interact with money. New episodes of Financial Feminist come out each week.

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