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The Jill Monaco Show is a weekly podcast designed to challenge, inspire and encourage you. Jill is a speaker, author and certified life coach who loves to share stores of faith, hope and love. She invites you to listen to the conversations she has with relationship experts, authors, speakers and today’s thought leaders. Episodes touch on various aspects of our lives including relationships, careers, faith, health, personal growth and career. Sometimes discussions are deep and sometimes funny, because life is both.
#063 Freedom From Addiction, Shame, and Trauma with Jenna Winston
Have you’ve ever been stuck in cycles of behavior you don’t like or know how to change? Do you have trauma in your past? Maybe you’ve never heard about how that impacts how you think, believe, or feel … even now. Or do you know someone who feels like no one can ever forgive them for all the stuff they’ve done? That they are too far gone for Jesus to fix? Then this episode is for you. If you’ve been listening for a while you know that I love bringing you guests who have a heart for teaching freedom. Just when I think I can’t find someone more aligned with what I believe or coach, I’m proven wrong. My guest today is Jenna Winston. She is a speaker, upcoming author, and prophetic deliverance pastor who was radically saved from mental illness and extreme drug addiction, and suicide attempts. Through her radical transformation and inner healing from abuse and trauma, she has a burning passion to lead people into the same freedom, restored identity, and lasting breakthrough. She loves to use her gift as a seer to help people find the root of their issue, so they can turn to what God is doing and walk in complete joy and freedom. What We Talk About In This Episode How the enemy set an assignment against her before she was even born.Trigger warning - the kind of abuse she suffered as a child.How her addiction started and the things the enemy did to keep her bound.Her incredible testimony of deliverance and process of freedom.What role spiritual warfare plays in the addiction cycle.How we recognize lies and exchange them for God's truth.What a prophetic deliverance session looks like. Resources From Today's Podcast Episode Jenna's Social - Facebook | Instagram | WebsiteGet a Freedom Coaching Session with JillGet a Heartscaping Session with Jenna Connect With Jill ... Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter Other Stuff To Check Out Grab my latest book Freedom Coach ModelSchedule a complimentary call with Jill to discuss coaching.Want to subscribe to the blog and grab a freebie about freedom? CLICK HERE One last thing... Producing this show does take resources. So if you would like to hear more conversations about how to love well, please consider supporting this program of the ministry. Just click the button below and you'll be led to a donate page. All gifts are tax-deductible. Thanks so much!
Oct 30 2020
1 hr 28 mins
#062 Lies vs Truth with Jessica Hottle[Interview] Everyday Miracles Podcast#061 Getting Naked Later With Kate Hurley
Are you one of the singles who need to feel understood? How do you process the hardships in your life alone? Do you wonder why there are so many singles who are looking for community but not a lot of places to find it? My podcast guest today with Kate Hurley will make you laugh at the silly things singles hear and be touched by her struggles with depression and chronic sickness. Kate Hurley was a touring musician for 14 years, playing everywhere from castles in Germany to villages in India to 15,000 people hippie gatherings. She has made 5 solo albums, including an upcoming live worship album. Her voice ushers you into the presence of God. I have her album on repeat. She had a popular blog on singleness for many years, and wrote a book called "Getting Naked Later: Making Sense of the Unexpected Single Life." (formerly Cupid is a Procrastinator.) Both titles just crack me up. And it reflects the witty person Kate is too. Today we talk about singleness but if you’re married don’t tune out because Kate is now dating and has more to say about being in a relationship.  What We Talk About In This Episode How do you long and let go at the same time?Being real about pain, disappointments, and strugglesHer struggles with depression and suicidal thoughtsHow God takes hardship and makes it beautifulStruggling with chronic sickness while singleWhat married people wish singles knewWhat she's learning from her current relationshipThe journey of wanting children and why she calls it the tragedy of her lifeWhy it's okay to grieve the loss of things and what we can expect from God in that placeThe difference between closing a chapter and turning a pageSome details about what is in her book, Getting Naked Later Resources From Today's Podcast Episode Kate's websiteKate's InstagramKate's FacebookKate's Book - Getting Naked Later Connect With Jill ... WebsiteInstagramFacebookTwitter Other Stuff To Check Out Grab my latest book Freedom Coach ModelSchedule a complimentary call with Jill to discuss coaching.Want to subscribe to the blog and grab a freebie? CLICK HERE One last thing... Producing this show does take resources. So if you would like to hear more conversations about how to love well, please consider supporting this program of the ministry. Just click HERE and you'll be led to a donate page. All gifts are tax-deductible. Thanks so much!
May 26 2020
47 mins
#060 The Power Of Fearless Love With Janet Newberry
Janet is a self-proclaimed love researcher, podcaster on the LOVE IS FEARLESS podcast, author of the book "Education by Design, Not Default--How Brave Love Creates Fearless Learning," and founder and visionary of John 15 Academy. Janet understands a life bound to fear. We talk about how she came to recognize her fear-based convictions and trade them for love based convictions. She shares what brave love looks and how her book creates fearless learning. I know you’ll be so inspired to show fear the door when you know love has a better invitation! She and her husband Doug packed it all up and now live in an Airstream named Freedom and they have launched a LOVE IS FEARLESS movement which is committed to building cultures of love around the world. Could she be any more aligned with what Jill Monaco Ministries stands for? The similarities of our passions don’t end there … but you’ll have to wait to hear all about it on today’s podcast. What We Talk About In This Episode Why the heck she would put everything in storage and live in an airstream. Lessons from seeking freedom living on the roadWhy she calls herself a love researcherHow to make decisions that are love driven and not fear-drivenHow her research of the neurology of fear and love combined with the gospel gave her a format for education John 15 Academy helps educate parents to build a homeschool atmosphere without fear so their children can live life well and not just score well on their testLove is Fearless project focuses on building cultures of communities, homes, churches without fearWhat helps our brains develop, boosts our immune system and heal from trauma (and override the damage cortisol has done to our brains)Your convictions are set by either fear or love Resources From Today's Podcast Episode Janet's website Book: Education by Design, Not DefaultJohn 15 AcademyLove is Fearless MovementJanet's Podcast - Love is FearlessJanet's FacebookJanet's Instagram Connect With Jill ... WebsiteInstagramFacebookTwitter
May 13 2020
52 mins
#059 The Power Of Kindness With Julie And Kendra#058 How God Opens Doors with Amy Joob#057 Obedience Over Hustle with Malinda Fuller
Do our dreams really require endless hours of hustle in order to get them? Or do we pray and leave it up to God to open doors? Even if it’s a little of both – pray and work toward our dreams, how do we partner with God and not go off on our own? How can you discern the difference between godly obedience and selfish ambition? If you have a dream then I bet you get what I’m talking about …you want to have the courage to surrender to His plan and His timing—to choose obedience over hustle. I’m so glad there are people like Malinda Fuller who can help us navigate these kinds of questions. She challenges us to join the counter-cultural movement of choosing surrender over striving. Throughout scripture, we encounter individuals who had to face the hard reality that their dreams and timelines weren't God's best plan. By exploring these biblical narratives alongside her own personal stories of radical obedience, author Malinda Fuller encourages readers to respond to the questions God asks each of us: “Will you trust Me? . . . Will you do what I'm asking you to do?” In today’s podcast we will talk to Malinda about how she learned obedience over hustle and how we can too. Malinda is a bold communicator who is passionate about thriving families and helping people grow as disciples of Jesus. Her first traditionally published book, Obedience Over Hustle: The Surrender of the Striving Heart, released in September 2019.   What We Talk About In This Episode The question God asked her that put things in perspective about His provisionHow she gave up income in order to obey GodLearning how to hear what God is asking us to do … and what He's not asking us to doHow to wait on the timing of seeing our dreams fulfilled according to God's timelineExamples of people in the Bible who obeyed God even though they didn't understandWhy God only tells us a little bit and asks us to walk in faithWhat conviction and peace have to do with obedienceHow she wrote her book without a big platform or influencer reach Resources From Today's Podcast Episode Malinda's book, Obedience Over HustleMalinda's WebsiteMalinda's FacebookMalinda's Instagram Connect With Me … WebsiteInstagramFacebookTwitter
Apr 1 2020
45 mins
#056 Saying Yes To God With Andrea Coli
Learning to say “yes” to God is a muscle we can grow … especially in uncertain times. How much free will does God give us? Can we miss His plan if we choose to go a different route? Does God use our ideas and let us add on to His? Learn how the improv tool ‘yes-and' can be used as you grow in faith and open doors of opportunity!  I'm excited to introduce to you my guest, Andrea Coli. She has a Masters Degree from Fuller Theological Seminary. She is also is a pastor, speaker author and …wait for it … comedian. She has been described as having the ability to transform a room into a fun atmosphere while enriching it with the Truth of God’s word. She uses her background in improv comedy and her biblical knowledge to inspire others to discover God’s unique call for their lives. Andrea is enthusiastic, inspirational and relatable. Whether you are laughing, crying or a bit of both, her sense of humor will capture your attention and then lead you on a journey to the heart of the message. We had an awesome chat about how she is using improv as a way to say ‘Yes AND…”. She uses improv as a way to express the idea that God wants us to remain open and flexible to His plans. Knowing that you AND God can write your story – together. It creates a life of freedom as you explore all the possibilities God has for you. Andrea has tested and lived this out … in 2003, she moved to Las Vegas and had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join the cast of The Second City’s “Scriptless” an all-improved show on the Vegas Strip.  Now she ministers at CrossWinds Church in the San Francisco Bay Area as a Teaching Pastor and as part of the Creative Arts Team. She partners with her husband Chris, who is the Senior Pastor.
Mar 20 2020
51 mins
#055 Home Sweet Home With Natasha Bure
Have you ever struggled to love yourself? Maybe you aren’t sure what makes you special or really understand what it means to see yourself as God sees you? Do you have trouble being authentically you? My guest today is Natasha Bure. Natasha is a 21-year-old actress, social media influencer, singer, YouTuber, and author. She has appeared in films such as Hallmark’s Switched for Christmas, Faith, Hope, Love, and her upcoming film, Home Sweet Home. She is the author of her book “Let’s Be Real,” giving tips and advice for young girls going through the teen years.  Natasha is going to share about living authentically and how to be the best version of yourself. We will talk about the pressure to be someone you’re not and what to do about it. Especially in a social media-saturated world. We also chat about how she learned from her parents (Candice Cameron Bure.) how to be herself and how she hopes to help teens embrace who they are in her book, Let's Be Real.  We also talk about her new movie Home Sweet Home .. which I’ve had a chance to preview. It's a sweet story of a young woman discovering who she is. The spring 2020 release is a faith-driven romantic film for all ages. The film also stars actor, model Ben Elliott (The Lying Game-ABC Family TV series). She plays the flirtatious barista Victoria who is bored with her social butterfly lifestyle and longs for real love. When handsome Jason walks into her coffee shop, she turns on the charm, but he doesn’t respond to her flirting like men usually do. When she discovers that he runs a ministry that builds affordable housing, she decides to volunteer. Victoria shows up to volunteer looking more like a model than a construction worker. She quickly realizes that it’s not going to be easy to fit in with this crew of experienced workers or to get Jason to ask her out on a date. When he proves to be immune to her tried-and-true techniques, Victoria is nonplussed. Since flirting is not going to work on this guy, she researches both “how to act like one of them, a Christian,” and “how to build a house,” so she can give the appearance of belonging. Her new approach gains her some ground until she meets the single mom who will own the house they’re building, her eyes are opened. Jason is there to serve others, while she has just been getting in the way. I hope you enjoy the chat with Natasha!   What We Talk About In This Episode Why she’s passionate about being authentic and realHow she tries to be herself in the midst of the pressures of social mediaWhat you can expect when you watch her new movie, Home Sweet HomeOne of the main pitfalls for Christians searching for identityThe comparison trap and what to do about itHow the film’s message of being yourself transcends generations Resources From Today's Podcast Episode Movie – Home Sweet HomeNatasha's book Let's Be RealNatasha's YouTubeNatasha's FacebookNatasha's Instagram Connect With Me … WebsiteInstagramFacebookTwitter
Mar 3 2020
32 mins
#054 Refine And Restore With Rachel Swanson#053 Breakthrough Enneagram Coaching With Sue Mohr#052 God's Beloved Bride Rescued From Sex Trafficking With Sula Skiles
Welcome to 2020! If you’ve been following my podcast at all you know that we took a break for the second half of 2019 due to my speaking and travel schedule and this is our first one of the new season! I have so many new interviews already recorded so be sure to click that button on your phone or computer that says subscribe so you don’t miss a future episode! My guest today is Sula’s Skiles. She has a passion for ministry that comes from overcoming a very painful past. She has found freedom and healing from the multiple traumas of her life and has been radically transformed by becoming a fiery believer and a follower of Jesus Christ. As a survivor of sex trafficking, she works to spread awareness, teach prevention and help victims and survivors of trafficking. Sula uses her story to help others find the same freedom she has found. It is her joy to advance the Kingdom of God with the love & power of the Gospel. She ministers in faith to see Jesus miraculously heal people. Sula is also a Pastor and Author of two books, "Fighting for Your Purpose" and "His Beloved Bride - A Journey into Deeper Intimacy with Jesus."   In honor of national sex trafficking awareness day, you’ll hear Sula’s story on the podcast. (January marks National Human Trafficking Awareness month. Specifically, Jan. 11 is the national day of recognition by The U.S. Department of Homeland Security.) My prayer is that you’ll be so wrecked with the love of God and leave passionate to sit at the feet of Jesus. What We Talk About In This Episode How she was tricked into being sex trafficked and then escaped from the famous man who purchased her and abused her in a foreign countryDifferent ways God speaks to us as His kids What are some powerful questions we can ask God to deepen our intimacy with HimHow God reveals Himself in our prayer timeHow to get a free gift that helps you walk through forgiveness Resources From Today's Show Connect with Sula on her website and find all her social media links there too.Book - His Beloved BrideEmail me for FREE Chapter from book Freedom Coach Model on how to walk through forgivenessFREE audio course + workbook Living Free
Jan 11 2020
1 hr
#051 Finding Courage To Build God's Kingdom with Julie Holmquist
Julie Holmquist loves to see people awakened to their part in God’s story. She knows each one of us is called to uniquely express who God is to the world. She champions others who are bravely stepping out of their comfort zones to build their “portion of the wall” in the kingdom. Julie wants others to know that encountering difficulties in our callings is not a sign we are doing it wrong or that we’ve heard God incorrectly. But building God’s Kingdom requires courage. In studying the book of Nehemiah, Julie’s discovered a few ways the enemy attempts to thwart God’s plans in our lives as believers called to do great things for God. So how do we get more courage to do the things God has called us to do? How should we respond to the things the enemy throws at us in order to get us to quit? Get ready to be soooooo encouraged by Julie’s wisdom!   Julie Holmquist is a blogger and encourager of women. She’s been through her own trials and has seen God develop a depth in her that comes out in her writing. Julie has been married to her husband, Giff, for almost 21 years. Together they have four boys (yes, four)! Their induction into this parenting gig began with twins! Next, they have a son who has special needs (autism, mentally handicapped, seizures, and other health issues). And then they had their little caboose. She and her family live in the Charlotte, NC area. What We Talk About In This Episode Why it takes courage to walk in our calling.The importance of dependence on the Lord when we are in a battle.How Nehemiah got the courage to build the wall (it has to do with what he drank!)What ways the enemy comes against our calling and tries to intimidate us.What discouragement has to do with the chatter we hear in our minds … and how to shut it off.How the enemy uses slander as a tactic to stop your calling.Why we get resistance as we try to make a difference.How much of our mess do we really share?Why whatever we focus on we give power to.How our calling is usually something we can do and yet bigger than we think we can do.Our purpose is to love God and be loved. But our calling is to do things for Him which is an expression of our purpose. Resources From Today’s Show Connect with Julie on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or her website. Connect With Me … WebsiteInstagramFacebookTwitter Other Stuff To Check Out Grab my latest book Freedom Coach ModelDid you miss Episode #48 with Carla Pratico about discovering your true purpose and how calling is different? Click here to listen!Take a moment to read my post about Finding your inner brave? Click here to read. Want to subscribe to the blog and grab a freebie? CLICK HERE One last thing… Producing this show does take resources. So if you would like to hear more conversations about how to love well, please consider supporting this program of the ministry. Just click the button below and you’ll be led to a donate page. All gifts are tax-deductible. Thanks so much! YES! I WANT TO SUPPORT THIS PODCAST! How to Listen to The Podcast If you’re new to my podcast, welcome! You can listen on the go or as your putzing around the house. Here are a few ways to not miss an episode.  1. Listen from this blog. Click the play button at the beginning of this post. 2. Listen on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, or Spotify! You can subscribe so you don’t miss an episode. Plus, if you leave a few stars, a rating or review it helps us organically reach others who are looking for encouragement too. 3. Share today’s podcast! Who do you know that needs to hear this message? You can grab the link and send to a friend or share on social media. Just click on the sharing buttons at the bottom of this post! Thanks for joining me today! Remember, love well, you were made for it!
Jul 4 2019
37 mins
#050 Being Set Apart With Melissa Medina
When you hear the phrase “set apart” does it make you feel like you have to give up a bunch of stuff in order to be holy? What if it meant you get to be apart of things instead of losing something? What if God had special things waiting for you that could only be discovered in His presence? Too often we are inundated with responsibilities that draw us away from extended periods of time with God. In today’s podcast, Melissa shares how to encounter God in the normal, everyday pace of life. You will learn how to find rest in His presence while keeping up with what He’s called you to. Melissa has a heart for us to know the Lord … as you hear her share her heart today you will sense the sweet presence of God in her tone and anointed words. Her life has been one set apart for the Lord and she will share how she feels called to share a message of consecration … and how you can too so it's not a burden but a joy. Melissa Medina is known to be a friendly and fiery Puerto Rican wife to Anthony and mom to Caleb … who loves Jesus and passionately lives life abiding in God. Melissa’s heart is to help people align with truth, awaken to purpose, and advance the Kingdom in every sphere. She’s a vibrant communicator passionate about equipping and activating others in the areas of prayer and prophecy to transform hearts and the world around them. Melissa loves to call out the gold in people and inspire them toward destiny. Melissa has nearly two decades in Church leadership roles. Through these strategic assignments, she’s helped birth and steward apostolic mandates and prophetic intercessory initiatives alongside key national leaders such as Cindy Jacobs and Dutch Sheets. Under the apostolic covering of Lou Engle, Melissa recently became Executive Director for Rise Up, a woman’s movement birthed out of The Call for amplifying the female voice of virtue in every sphere. Melissa and her husband, Anthony travel and speak under the banner of HopeFires International, their itinerant ministry devoted to igniting hope, healing, and spiritual hunger. They also serve as lead pastors and instructors for the Trinity School of Supernatural Ministry where they disciple students to receive and release the Kingdom everywhere they go. She also holds a BA in Political Science and Law, and an MPA in Public Administration and Nonprofit Management from New York University. She and her family live in the Dallas area.
Jun 19 2019
43 mins
#049 Lessons From Years Of Leading Ministry With Kris Swiatocho#048 Living A Supernatural Purpose-Filled Life With Carla Practico#047 How To Be A Courageous Creative With Jenny Randle
Jenny Randle is an award-winning creative ninja, nationally sought after speaker, and author of Courageous Creative who believes deeply in the power of story. At the age of 18, Jenny encountered the greatest love story ever told, the Gospel. The prayer that followed was simple: “Use me to make an impact for you.” Since that prayer, Jenny has served in ministry and worked in the entertainment, publishing and creative industries. From a DJ on the radio to a career in the heart of Hollywood editing for billion-dollar franchises, God empowered her to craft stories that carried impact. In 2009, Jenny was recognized with one of the highest honors in the entertainment industry – an Emmy® Award. Currently, Jenny and her husband Matt lead a marketing agency that helps online influencers increase their global presence. In all of these influential places, Jenny discovered what it actually means to carry influence. Jenny’s uses her platform to reach people worldwide with God’s message of hope, healing and Holy Spirit revelation that champions people into their calling. In early 2018, Jenny and Matt formed Freedom Creatives, a 501(c)(3) ministry organization where they share Gospel-centered truth. She is passionate about championing leaders, creatives, procrastinating dreamers, and church communities into their calling through the transformational power of Christ. Wouldn’t you love to learn about how to be free to be who God made you to be? What does it look like to live that way? Is that just a pipe dream or can we really enjoy our lives? Are you ready to exchange fear for COURAGE? Karate chop through past pain for GOD’S PROMISES? Dismantle the lies that are weighing you down so you can SLAY TODAY… in a good way? We will talk with Jenny today so you are set up to be wildly creative and free.
May 2 2019
45 mins
#046 Calling:Understanding Your Purpose, Place and Position With Jen Tringale#045 Discovering Your Calling With Tabitha Deller