Career Talks with Sayani Bagachi (Bonus) | The Marketing Tintin S2

The Marketing Tintin

Jun 21 2021 • 17 mins

As the placement season is about to begin and students become anxious as days pass by, we decided to take some advice and quick tips to crack your dream interview from Ms. Sayani Bagchi.

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To know all the crumbs and grains of moving to Brand Management from Sales we have with us, Ms. Sayani Bagchi, Brand Manager of Britannia, Good Day!

Before joining as the Brand Manager of Britannia Good Day, she has aced as Brand Manager of the iconic Britannia Marie Gold.

Brand Managers take care of almost every minute activity, from advertising to product launches and much more! They are the cornerstone of the brand.

Sayani, in the podcast, was edifying and clear about all truths marketing students should know before stepping into the industry. She shares her journey from facing the challenges of being a woman in sales and leading a brand like Britannia. Her efficacious advice for budding marketing students is just the right thing they want to know at the initial stages of their careers.

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I’m sure this episode of The Marketing TinTin will bring a smile to your face.

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